Now and Then…

May 26th – September 10th 2016

By inviting the viewer to delve into the parallel worlds which the artist has long been elaborating, the show engages the visitor in a joyful revision of the status of the works presented. Prompted by the specific exhibition environment which Indipendenza induces, older pieces are now in dialogue with current proposals; speculations around pieces or more ample projects still to materialize – or not. New works but also new renderings divert from a certain tendency to commodify practice, manifesting instead a many-layered approach to the décor the artist was invited to temporarily occupy. Hence the fluidity – embodied by The Small Vehicles of Rome (1998), now seemingly punctuating the show – and the openness to the various possible « devenirs » of the proposals at hand, which are inherent to the work and to the artist’s habit of reshuffling situations. A mischievous stance perhaps, but one that prevents the work from being encapsulated and narrowed down, prolonging instead a timeless and precious sense of suspension and reverie.
«Now and Then…» features works by Becky Beasley, Clémence Joly and Marie Charlotte Urena.

Marc Camille Chaimowicz

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