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Anne-Laure Zevi

curated by Michael Bracewell

Made in a dense layering of media that includes pencil, scratching, rubber stamp, make-up, collage and staining, Anne-Laure Zevi’s drawings are intricate, eerie and compelling. They depict places, figures and events of profound psychological and atmospheric intensity. Small in scale, pushing figuration to near abstraction, they combine monochrome, scarred or delicately worked surface, tonai colour and shading. The antique frames selected by the artist are integrai to each work, heightening a sense of memento. They have the air of drawings made in dreams, as records of sites deep within the sub-conscious – simultaneously familiar and unreal.

A catalogue of the exhibition will be forthcoming with a text by Jennifer Higgie.



Anne-Laure Zevi

Anne-Laure Zevi is French and lives in Switzerland. Her short stories have appeared in translation in The Paris Review, The Brooklyn Rail, The Hopkins Review and Gagosian Quarterly. An exhibition of her drawings was held in 2022 at 107S-chanf, in S-chanf, Switzerland. Most recently her drawings were included in the Annua I exhibition of Grisons artists, 2022-2023 at the Bundner Kunstmuseum Chur, Switzerland.

Michael Bracewell

Michael Bracewell is a writer and occasionai curator based in London. His most recent books include ‘Modem World: The Art of Richard Hamilton’ and a novel, ‘Unfinished Business’.

Jennifer Higgie

Jennifer Higgie is an Australian writer, critic and curator living in London. Her most recent books are ‘The Mirror and the Palette: Revoluti on, Rebellion and Resilience: 500 years of women’s self portraits’ and ‘The Other Side: AJourney into Women, Art and the Spirit World’.


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