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Mélanie Matranga Denim Working with sculpture, film and the production of environments, Mélanie Matranga’s proposal for Indipendenza will consist in site specific wall-drawings, as well as textile-based works that play with the crafty genre of sewn appliqué, generating emotional and pop banners of

HEIMO ZOBERNING Monochrome For his exhibition at Indipendenza Roma, Austrian artist Heimo Zobernig is exhibiting a whole new series of 2x2 meter monochromes, painted with interference paint. In addition, two mirror pieces are presented, also featured here as monochromes. The colors produced

KARL HOLMQVIST and KLARA LIDEN Lavoro The exhibition LAVORO has been purposely made to fit into the rooms of the turn of the century apartment in Rome where Indipendenza has its exhibition space. The title may refer to the artists having worked on-site to

MATTHEW LUTZ KINOY and Ola Vasiljeva Mlkov Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Ola Vasiljeva exhibit for the first time together in Rome at Indipendenza. They conceived a project that intersects their individual production with the possibilities of a chorus of voices, a non declared

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